Ally McDougal - London based freelance musician.

Ally grew up in North Yorkshire where he developed a love of music from an early age, being influenced by drummers such as Levon Helm, Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro and many others. He loved drummers with solid time and feel and most importantly, players who complimented the songs and didn't overplay.

Ally played in bands from the age of 14, keeping a busy schedule by playing alongside a variety of musicians within many genres spanning the UK. He later took up an opportunity of studying a professional performance degree at The Academy Of Contemporary Music learning under drummers such as Frank Tontoh and Pete Riley.

Since moving to London, Ally has been regularly gigging with artists such as Tony O’Malley and Murray Head, playing in highly respected venues and regularly traveling around Europe.

"I have recorded Ally on numerous occasions. He is an exceptional musician that can play a multitude of styles with both ease and energy. He has a professional and positive attitude in both studio and live environments and is a great guy to have around on sessions."

John Gallen
Legendary producer, recording credits include Queen, George Benson and many more

Worked/Is Working With


Tony O'Malley (Arrival, Kokomo, 10cc)
Murray Head
George Clinton - ACM-Masterclass (Parliament, Funkadelic)
George Boomsma
Tom Gee Band
Chloe Blackwell
Chloe Foy


Alex Cromarty (Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges, Mostly Autumn)
Jennifer Maidman (Van Morrison, Boy George)
Adam Phillips (Tina Turner, Hamish Stewart)
Geoffrey Richardson (Murray Head, Caravan)
Phil Palmer (Eric Clapton, George Michael)
Alan Darby (BB King, Buddy Guy)
Neil Hubbard (The Grease Band, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry)
Frank Deruytter (The Frank Deruytter Quartet, Peter Erksine)


Another great gig was had with Murray Head... @ Festival WEST FEST
2:16 PM Sep 3rd
Playing upstairs at @officialronnies tonight with the very groovy @GeorgiaSongs tonight...hope…
1:59 PM Aug 22nd
Man! This gig feels a little bit special...never have I done a gig before where we've walked up…
2:21 PM Jul 14th



Yamaha Drums
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute in white marine pearl (10", 12", 14", 16", 22")
14" x 5.5" Yamaha Oak Custom snare
Yamaha Hardware
Gretsch Drums
14" x 5.5" Gretsch Brooklyn (chrome over brass) snare
Remo Heads
Coated Ambassadors
Powestroke 3 (Bass Drum)
Roland SPD - SX
Zildjian Cymbals
13" K Custom Dark hi-hats
14" A Mastersound hi-hats
19" Kerope crash
22" Kerope Medium ride
23" A Sweet ride
Vic Firth Sticks
Vic Firth 5A
Vic Firth 8D
Steve Gadd signature brushes
Yahama Remo Zildjian Gretsch


Tony O'Malley - 'To Know You', Goodwood Festival
606 club soundcheck with Tony O'Malley
Murray Head - 'Never Even Thought', Monte Carlo
Tony O'Malley - 'Georgia On My Mind', Crawdaddy Club, Richmond
Tony O'Malley - 'If I Could Only', Crawdaddy Club, Richmond
'Getting my Gadd on...'
Tony O'Malley - Voodoo Dance, Romsey Abbey


Albert Man - The Borderline
Murray - Estillac
Tony O'Malley - Chichester Inn
Georgia Blackwell with producer Fred Cox
Studio tools
Steve Ferrone at 606 club
Ralph Salmins giving me a masterclass!
George Clinton baby!!
Murray Head - The Pyranees
Murray Head - Monte Carlo
Murray Head - Hardelot


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